Who We Are

We are a Swiss-based environmental organization (CHE-311.736.420 Swiss Association Registration Number) with a passion for the ocean, operating worldwide to help protect, manage and restore coastal regions. Like in nature, diversity and cooperation is key to creating a healthy environment, hence we come from all backgrounds and are willing to donate our time and expertise to a good cause. We can reach out to a global network of like-minded people and organizations that make the work even more exciting and valuable. Coralive.org is always open to new input and partnerships so let us know how you might envision a cooperation.

Ahmad “Aki” Allahgholi
Founder & Director

Aki has been in marine conservation since 2011, having served as a project manager for a Philippine NGO on coral reef restoration, MPA Management and alternative livelihood. He has a master’s degree in “Sustainable Natural Resource Management” with a thesis in “Coral Reef Restoration” from the United Nation’s mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. This came right after being the program manager for the environmental NGO Reefdoctor in Madagascar.

 Joanne Wong
Scientific Advisor

Joanne is an ecologist with a strong background in coastal management and impact assessment. She worked as an environmental consultant and as a researcher in themes as varied as coastal planning, mangrove reforestation, micro plastic pollution, saltmarsh ecology and harbor green-engineering. She excels in jobs that require planning, quick thinking and analysis.

Klarisse Sagun
Acquisitions & Communications

Klarisse has extensive experience in Research and Business Development, Content Marketing, and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). An ocean lover and environment advocate, Klarisse has a background in Social Sciences as well as Social Anthropology.

Drew Weiner
Environmental Advisor

Drew joined the Coralive.org team as an adviser for environmental and business strategies as well as financial matters. He has held several positions in the conservation sector. As Director for Rare, he helped establish their major giving program in the West region of the United States.  Serving as Founder and Project Director of Reef Protection International, Drew ran a successful behavior change campaign educating the public about the impacts of the marine aquarium trade.

Marcel Angehrn
Technical Advisor

Marcel has extensive knowledge in electrical engineering, computer technology and Web design. As an Ocean lover and passionate scuba diver, he is committed to the conservation of the marine environment. His contribution will especially include the research & development of technical solutions and installations.

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