What We Do

Coralive.org was founded on the motivation to do their share of helping the oceans and everything related to them, in order to make it a healthier place again. This includes restorations of coral reefs and coastal habitats, managing Marine Protected Areas, collecting environmental data, create alternative livelihoods solutions for the local population as well as passing on knowledge and experience through environmental education programs. All of our work is done by us and in cooperation with local stakeholders from the private sector, governments and other organizations. Let us know if we can be of any help for you.

Environmental Restoration

Coastal regions all around the world experience similar threats to their marine ecosystems. With the ongoing over- and misuse of natural resources as well as the effects of climate change, many coastal regions have a hard time to recover. This is where Coralive.org can help out nature to initiate the healing process faster.

  • Coral Reef Restoration through Mineral Accretion
  • Mangrove Forests nurseries and replanting
  • Sea Grass Beds transplanting

Marine Protected Areas

Good practice and effective management of marine protected areas (MPAs) are highly important for coastal regions to recover fish populations, create livelihood solutions, sustain marine biodiversity and ecosystems as well as meeting the targets under the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. Coralive.org can initiate the efforts to create this vital refuges in nature.

  • Creating & Implementing Marine Protected Management Plans
  • Installation of latest technical support systems
  • Surveillance and Enforcement Training

Environmental Data Collection

In our modern world, data is very important, especially when it comes to environmental protection. Coralive.org can collect fast and efficient all the crucial numbers to determine current health status of coastal regions. We have the latest technology to perform  underwater scans, create drone footage and carry-out multi-parameter water tests.

  • Creation of Coastal Atlas (inventorize Coral cover, mangrove and sea grass beds up to 25km coastline and 20ha area per day)
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Water Quality measurement (pH levels, O2 levels, Temperature, Pollution Levels, etc.)

Livelihood Solutions

The enormous importance of fisheries to the livelihoods of communities in coastal regions is well documented. When implementing MPAs with No-Take zones, it is crucial to integrate the needs and knowledge of the coastal community while enforcing the management plan. Alternative opportunities need to be developed to guarantee earnings & food security to also divert the fishing pressure away from the oceans. Coralive.org has expertise in planning and implementing such projects to compensate for missing revenues.

  • Solid Waste Management including Waste-to-Consumer products
  • Sea Weed Farming, Low impact Aquaculture and Barrel-Ponics
  • Bamboo planting, harvesting & processing

Environmental Education

Coralive.org’s last and highly important area of focus includes the transfer of know-how and experience to children and students in school, as well as to adults. Often, people are simply not aware of their malpractice but are very open and willing to cooperate when it comes to learning new knowledge and practices.

  • Plastic Pollution Awareness Campaigns
  • Coral & Mangrove Education
  • Beach & Ocean cleanup Events

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