From the birth of our legendary Fifty Fathoms which made its mark as the world’s first modern diving watch, defining the genre ever since, we have established intimate connections with the world’s oceans and the communities dedicated to their preservation. Working closely with passionate divers, leading scientists, underwater explorers, environmentalists, and photographers, our mission has grown far beyond the creation of the world’s finest diving timepieces. We have come to understand and support vital initiatives aimed at ocean preservation and the building of public understanding of the cause. Our ocean preservation efforts are summarized with what we term the Blancpain Ocean Commitment to which we have devoted substantial resources. We hope as you discover the many initiatives we have undertaken, you too will be inspired to lend your voice in support.

Mersea Mersea is a sustainable and organic clothing brand created by sea lovers.
Inspired by the ocean and the underwater world, Mersea Mersea helps reducing impacts on the environnement.
No plastic, more organic – that’s how we work!

NAECO creates thoughtfully-designed sustainable products for “one-time, sometimes and all-the-time” use. From stainless steel insulated bottles to customizable steel straws and biodegradable coffee lids, NAECO provides options for responsible consumption at both the individual and industry scale. And with a mission to help reverse damage to our ocean, NAECO is the word OCEAN reversed.

Agua NEA provides a sustainable alternative to the million plastic bottles opened every minute worldwide.
Even though the solution is to consume water from inexhaustible resources, sometimes we are in the need to use an “on the go” container.
Agua NEA is BPA free and is made of #infinitelyrecyclable aluminum, the most recyclable and recycled material in the world.