Reefsave Sunscreen Partnership with Stream2Sea has recently become an official charity partner of Stream2Sea!

Stream2Sea is a pioneering environmentally conscious brand, offering research-backed and tested 100% reef-safe sunscreen products among others. As evident in their name, they consider the marine impact of chemicals washed down the drain or otherwise introduced into our waterways, and serve as a role model for best practice.

A long list of chemicals to avoid!

There are many synergies between our two organizations, as we are both dedicated to fighting for our coral reefs. They provide a reef-safe product we can use while working with the corals. We are so grateful to find a partner we can trust to fuel the efforts of everybody involved in our work. Support the work of both organizations by purchasing their wonderful and low impact products.

Use the 10% discount code ‘CORALIVE’ to support our projects.

Stay tuned to find out which month will be their featured Nonprofit Partner!

As an added bonus, our partnership with Stream2Sea facilitated our partnership with 1% For The Planet, an ever growing network connecting corporate partners to nonprofits. We are thrilled to join this community of global change-makers.

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